22 Things About 2022

Growing up, my favorite number was two. The number 22, being TWO twos, was even better! The year 2022, however, has been a mixed bag.  

It’s been a hard year, for a lot of reasons. I dealt with some weird medical issues, some of which are still mysteries unanswered. I had difficult conversations with people I love dearly. Friendships changed. My kids were sick many, many times.

But it’s been a good year, too. We finished an enormous home renovation project. Rosie started preschool, and she is thriving there. I got to know a lot of neighbors. Many of my close friends welcomed new babies.

So it’s been up and down. I guess every year is. Still, I love a good end-of-year list and so here is my list of 22 Things About 2022 – in no particular order:

1. This was my first full year as a stay at home mom. I am by no means killing it, but I am enjoying it more than I ever expected!

2. Walter turned one in February, and we threw him a pizza-themed party. Everyone brought a pizza from their favorite place, and it was the most delicious buffet ever. Feel free to take this as your own adult birthday party theme!

3. Six of my close friends had babies this year, so I got lots of newborn snuggles and lots of chances to talk about fun things like breastfeeding tips, and I have really perfected my lasagna recipe.

4. I read 25 books this year.

5. Ben and I went on a weekend away to the Manistee River, away from the kids for the first time in two years. Highly recommend!

6. I have fallen in love with Aldi, and I don’t care who knows it! Don’t be afraid – grab your quarter and your reusable bags, and get shopping! I’ll even come with you the first time if you want. (So far none of my family members have taken me up on this offer).

7. We discovered Olympic Broil and got takeout there probably too many times. If you know, you know.

8. Ben and I got to stand up as godparents at the baptism of two of our friends’ babies. What a special honor this was.

9. We committed to our house church community and have been really blessed by that.

10. We all got COVID in the middle of family vacation in July. Very 2022 of us, I know.

11. I visited my dear friend Marie in Colorado and met her new husband. The weather was bad, as it always is when we’re together. But the reunion was sweet, and that’s what matters.

Marie and the tiny, terrifying plane her husband flew us in!

12. I hosted playdates in our park a few times a month in the summer and fall. One day we had 35 parents and kids join us to play!

13. I made many trips to the thrift store – both for donating items we don’t need anymore, and to shop for myself or the kids. I have started filling up about a box per month to donate, and I see a difference in the amount of clutter around the house. It feels good!

14. Some strange post-COVID symptoms led me through a series of medical appointments and tests. I’m okay, but I learned once again the importance of advocating for yourself through our healthcare system.

15. I became the Secretary of our neighborhood organization. The first event I planned was a fall colors tour in the park.

16. On the first day of preschool, a new friend asked Rosie if she wanted to hold hands as they walked in together. She said yes, and I walked behind them, weeping.

17. I asked for a raise, and I got it.

18. Both my and Ben’s parents and grandparents had some health scares this year. It reminded us to treasure the times we do have together now.

19. The kids are now sleeping in the same room. Rosie said, when we made the move, “I can’t wait to share a room with someone I love!” Their growing friendship just fills my heart with happiness.

A very realistic picture of their sibling dynamic.

20. The kids took on illness this year with a “I’ll have one of everything” approach – colds, coughs, flus, RSV, ear infections x 1000 – we had it all!

21. My old work team called on me to help bring back the Global Festival, and I answered! It was as much fun and as much work as ever.

22. I filled out a journal entry for every single day of 2022. It has really helped me appreciate the beautifully simple, normal moments of each day that somehow add up to another year gone by.

Ordinary is beautiful and worth celebrating, too.
So here’s to a new year filled with beautiful, ordinary moments! See you in 2023!

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