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the first last day of school

On my daughter’s first day of preschool last fall, she was understandably nervous — we all were. As we walked up the sidewalk, another little girl ran up to her and said, “It’s my first day of school, too. Do you want to hold hands and walk in together?” At that my heart burst, and the tears I’d been holding back filled my eyes. They walked into the building together, and I knew they were going to be just fine.  Continue reading the first last day of school

Go somewhere without your kids

This past weekend, Ben and I dropped the kids off with his parents and went away for three days. We haven’t spent any time away from them since January 2020, and it was marvelous. I found that as I told friends about our plan, every single parent I talked to said something like, “Wow, we haven’t done that in three/seven/ten years!”.What?! Maybe I’m still riding … Continue reading Go somewhere without your kids

Magical Book Nook Renovation

Our 100-year-old house has, surprisingly, a lot of closets. In our daughter’s room she has two separate good-sized closets, each one boasting a lovely mustard yellow shag carpet that isn’t found anywhere else in the house (thankfully). We decided as a maternity leave project to turn one into a book nook — and it became one of my favorite home renovations we’ve done so far! … Continue reading Magical Book Nook Renovation